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This page will have answers to common questions as well as links to associations to provide additional information on financial services.

Ask the Advisors

Here we will display answers to some frequently-asked financial services questions. For example:

Q: How much can I borrow ?

A: To ensure affordability this depends on your earnings, current outgoings and personal   cicumstances.
Q: I have been refused by other lenders, does this prevent me from proceeding ?
A: No we have direct access to underwriters at all major lenders and can often succeed where others have failed.
Q: I have an adverse credit history does this mean I can't get a mortgage or further finance?
A: No most lenders will take a sympathetic view when considering applications, if neccasary specialist lenders are also available.
Q: How much is the initial outlay ?
A: If required all upfront fees are paid on your behalf, all fees can be paid on completion.

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